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We contributed a new track 'A Clash of Heads' for the David Shrigley Tribute ablum (Tomlab) WORRIED NOODLES. Also included on this album is David Byrne, Hot Chip, Deerhoof, Yacht, Franz Ferdinand Dat Politics and Cibelle. This will be a double-album CD and vinyl. Out soon!

Smalltown Supersound will release Warning 12" and Warning CD EP in November. This release will feature previously unreleased remix tracks from Optimo, Hot Chip, Dennis Young (of Liquid Liquid) and Kango and Torkill as well as previously released (on Telescope Mind) 'Warning'.

Our first ever release 7" is now available from Tomlab. It will feature a new track, "Meh-Teh" (from our forthcoming LP) on the A-side and a remix of "Second Guessing" by Yatch on the B-side . You can also buy it here.

Music video for 'Second Guessing' by video brut, Nate Boyce.

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