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What is Tussle?
It could be said that we are entering our sixth generation of Tussle.

Five generations of Tussle:

-Andy, Alexis, Nathan and Jonathan, and nameless others that showed up in the basement of the bandmates' SF Mission flat.
**Recorded with Tommy Guerrero
**Toured East Coast with Coachwhips
**Released Eye Contact 12", Don't Stop EP, and Kling Klang LP with Troubleman Unlimited Records
**Toured UK and Europe with Erase Errata
**Play a few shows in Tokyo, one with Eye of The Boredoms
**Toured US with Eats Tapes and Yellow Swans

Alexis, Nathan, Jonathan, Warren
**US Tour with Outhud
**West Coast tour with Architecture in Helsinki
**Release Telescope Mind with Smalltown Supersound
**Play a few shows in Norway

Nathan, Jonathan, Tomo, Warren
**Toured US with Hot Chip
**West Coast tour with Of Montreal
**US tour with Yacht
**Release Cream Cuts with Smalltown Supersound

Nathan, Jonathan, Tomo
**Tour US with Ratatat
** Record Tempest

-2009-2011 -Nathan, Kevin, Tomo
**Tour Europe and Scandanavia with Publicist
**Record and release Tempest with JD Twitch and Smalltown Supersound

-Nathan, Kevin, Tomo, Jonathan

Therefore the sixth generation is upon us, heretofore knowing no bounds.

Despite the personnel changes, some things have remained constant. Primarily, Tussle plays bass driven grooves over dense rhythms within transcendent electronic realms.


"The SF groove machine's third LP packs lessons learned from post punk and krautrock - into a rhythmic masterclass. **** four stars" - MOJO, Manish Agarwal, August 2009

"Tussle take the muscle and momentum of motorik and liberate it with a joie de vivre that makes Cream Cuts endlessly listenable" - THE WIRE, Nick Southgate, June 2009

"Re-igniting the flame of experimentalism, Californian four-piece Tussle have emerged as pioneers of a new Krautrock-infused rhythmrock hybrid. Putting a pair of drummers at the forefront of their songs, the San Francisco based band has breathed new life into postpsychedelic art rock."- SKYSCRAPER MAGAZINE

"Tussle push through the boundaries of every category they might be lumped into." - URB MAGAZINE

"Tussle turns electronic music into a living, breathing form." - EAST BAY EXPRESS

"one is welcome to drop a jaw at the rapidly developing power, versatility and un-cliched imagination of their instrumental chops." - LA WEEKLY

"The numbly throbbing bass and hard-­hitting postdisco drums are so deep in the pocket they never see daylight". - CHICAGO READER

"The foursome succeeds in bridging the gap of dance-oriented connotations, welcoming a slew of world music genres into the mix and cleverly melding them together into its own brand of smart, mind-altering pop." - PERFORMER MAGAZINE

"With its undulating drums, pulsing bass lines, and evocative synth atmospheres, the disc documents a local band that has pushed its style far beyond genre. " - SF WEEKLY

"Cream Cuts is a masterful electronic album..." - FIRST COAST NEWS

"I've considered Cream Cuts one of the best albums of the year — a metamorphosis in which the band's rhythmic core becomes more sinuous, its atmospherics more expansive, and its overall sound both deeper and more party-ready." - SF GUARDIAN

"The largely successful results characterize a risky proposition that in the hands of talent and artistic focus has yielded all sorts of adventurous delights. Score: 8.5" - PREFIXMAG

"Tussle is one of the few bands to survive disco punk, and their new album Cream Cuts is a triumphant expansion of that genre's worn terrain." - EARPLUG

"**** Five Stars" - TIME OUT NYC

"Cream Cuts unwinds like the soundtrack to a slow, casual seduction. " - REMIX MAGAZINE

"Tussle's Cream Cuts occupies a nebulous piece of real estate that lies somewhere in the neighborhood of Kraut rock, post-punk and house music." ***** Five stars." - CREATIVE LOAFING

"Cohesive, eclectic, expansive but never ponderous" - ALL MUSIC GUIDE

"sounds like a patchouli-and-BO-scented hippie drum circle … if it were curated by DFA." - SELF-TITLED

"In a loud, dense set, they sifted through heavy-rhythm music with roots in the 1970s and early ’80s. Locking together and pulling apart, they variously clamped right on top of the beat, got way behind it or positioned themselves in the middle, with high-hat patterns pumping." - THE NEW YORK TIMES (SHOW REVIEW)


ON FIRE label compilation (Smalltown Supersound) 2009

TITAN 12" (FrequeNC) 2009

COLETT XPRESS compilation (Colett Express) 2008

CREAM CUTS LP (Smalltown Supersound) 2008

ANIMAL COP 7" (Geographic North) 2008



THE GLIMMERS Eskimo, Vol. 5 Mixtape (Eskimo) 2008

MUTANT DISCO VOL. IV (Ze Records) 2008

TUSSLE: LIVE AT THE ECHO (Spaceland) 2007

MEH-TEH 7" (Tomlab) 2007

WORRIED NOODLES CD Compilation (Tomlab) 2007

WARNING 12" (Smalltown Supersound) 2007

WHITE COLUMNS 12" (White Columns Gallery) 2006

TELESCOPE MIND LP (Smalltown Supersound) 2006

DISCO D' ORO II 12" (Rong Music) 2005

DISCO D' ORO 12" (Rong Music) 2005

HERE IT COMES 12" (Troubleman Unlimited) 2005

KLING KLANG LP (Troubleman Unlimited) 2004

DONT STOP EP (Troubleman Unlimited) 2004

EYE CONTACT 12" (Troubleman Unlimited) 2003

FRISCO STYLES CD Compilation (Jack Hanley/Rainbow Records) 2003